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The university application process is overwhelming, flooded with too much information, and not enough resources to assist with the process.We keep it simple, by starting with a strong foundation.At CollegeBud we want to ensure your experience is seamless from the start. We connect you with mentors who work to understand who you are, your interests and experiences, and what is important to you. It's all about you and ensuring this is a stress-free experience!

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Our mentors use first-hand experience to provide support through the application process. The support provided could range from program research that aligns with your interests, financial situation, reviewing application requirements and filling in gaps, and answering any questions you have along the way. Our goal is to ensure you have a well-thought-out and complete application.


Can you feel the excitement yet? Imagine, all that work with us and you have finally hit the apply button. The nerves might begin to set in at this stage.Are you waiting to hear back? Are you moving across the country or crossing borders? Are you ready to pack your bags and begin your new journey? No worries, we continue to provide support as long as you reach out to our mentors! This is a significant journey in a new environment, let's connect and support you through this journey.

About Us

CollegeBud started as a passion project. With a 10 year gap between when we applied, my brother and I still faced the same issues in the university application process. A lack of focused resources for immigrants translated to uninformed decisions, many impulse applications, and to be quite honest some guesswork in program choice. We both found the application process to be expensive, time-consuming, and overwhelming. Hence, CollegeBud was born out of a need to help my little brother and a younger generation of immigrants with something in common, a passion for higher education. Our mission is to make this process as easy as possible through community support and encouraging informed decision-making.

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